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Over the years, Claypot Technologies has supported organisations and individuals working in the area of animal welfare. Our support includes financial, material and logistical help which we provide as and when required by these organisations and individuals. We regularly sponsor animal feeding programs with financial support, manpower and logistical help and provide medical help for injured stray animals and co-ordinate with organisations like the IDA and the SPCA to provide shelter for these animals.

We have always encouraged highly-motivaed individuals, who share our love for animals, to come forward and avail of our support in their initiative to care for the well-being of street animals.

We would like to thank all those individuals and organisations, some of them who don't want to be named, and who work tirelessly for the welfare of animals, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their endeavour. You know who you are!

IDA is a non profit grass root level animal protection organisation, dedicated towards establishing and defending the rights of all non-human living creatures.

For three years starting 2002, a group of like-minded people decided to act on the miserable plight of street animals in Thane district. Thane, even though a satellite city of Mumbai, had no awareness of animal welfare and animal rights. Sick and injured animals had absolutely no access to modern medical care. And thus, SPCA was formed.
In the last 15 years of the establishment of the organisation, more than 70,000 animals were rendered holistic service, and hundreds of animals were successfully re-homed. Stray and wild animals are regularly treated with Homeopathic medication with an excellent success rate

We also support initiatives to preserve and protect plant life and the environment around our location. We have supported organisations in tree-plantation drives and nature-protection programs.
Every alternate year, we grow around 100 saplings of the 'Nagalinga' (Couroupita guianensis) tree at a nursery. We then distribute these saplings to individuals interested in taking care of these plants. Nagalinga trees are flowering plants and produce beautiful, scented flowers. Their fruits have botanical and medicinal significance.

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