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Our values

A Passion for Technology

Technology inspires us. In fact, we are so intoxicated by it that we are happy to help you with every tool at our disposal –technical expertise, industry insights, futuristic know-how– even if you have no intentions of hiring our services. Feel free to contact us.

An Unfaltering Ethical Compass

Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are at the heart of our business practices. Our greatest asset as a company, we believe, is an almost frenetic devotion to abiding by our word.

Client Value Creation

We strive to design and deliver holistic, turnkey solutions for our clients to maximise value creation for them. Our commitment to improving the business performance of our clients means that they, in turn, can surpass the expectations of their end users.

An Uncompromising Approach to Quality

At Claypot, our overriding objective is to keep refining our processes at every stage – so as to provide services and solutions of unparalleled quality to our customers.

Our Mission

To Pioneer Innovation

Nothing exhilarates us more than delivering tomorrow’s technology right this instant. We excitedly anticipate being at the forefront of exponentially expanding markets, taking our rightful place at the epicentre of their technological innovation.

To Always Offer Personalised Attention to Our Clients

To be so large that our presence spans the globe, and yet be so small that our customers never miss that personal touch.

To Enable a Sustainable Future

To be an environmental expert and green partner for our clients, by optimising the energy efficiency of all their initiatives. To enhance the liveability, workability and sustainability of communities. To help future generations not just sustain but flourish.

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