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Founded in 2003 as an electronic security and automation company, Claypot made its mark in the industry as a superior provider of intelligent, integrated environments. With a select list of clients and several high-value projects, the young team was quick to develop a reputation for consistently delivering the next generation of technology infrastructure.

Within a year, leveraging our expertise in complex system integration, Claypot was investing heavily in research and development. In 2006 we developed CASTEL, a revolutionary, all-in-one SIP phone designed to reduce costs and significantly enhance performance. Becoming the exclusive Indian partner of Amroad Technology Inc, the leading global manufacturer of SIP phones, soon enabled Claypot to offer our customers the most advanced, end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services.

With success came rapid growth. In 2007, anticipating the demand for greener, smarter buildings and communities, Claypot collaborated with an extensive network of technology partners to evolve as a cutting-edge IBMS integrator. We were able to design and build for our clients an Intelligent Building Portfolio that boasted full systems integration, connecting critical components such as Audiovisual, Security and Surveillance, IT communications, Building Automation, Lighting Control, HVAC, DTH/Cable TV as well as Community Services onto a common, unified network.

As a distributor of Tyco, the global leader in Fire Safety and Security Solutions, Claypot swiftly took its place as a highly reliable provider of fire safety installations. This led to several prestigious commercial and industrial projects. Today, iconic names such as Jaguar Land Rover/Unipart and JCB India trust Claypot with the fire safety of their highly sensitive industrial premises.

When Fibre-To-The-Home was merely an excited whisper in boardrooms across India, Claypot was already integrating critical services over fibre optics networks. We were one of the first companies in India to champion FTTH, the breakthrough technology that is equipped to meet all the communication needs of the foreseeable future of humanity.

In 2011, Claypot developed Communo, an ambitious suite of applications providing numerous utilities to a community, which was deployed entirely through FTTH. It was developed in close collaboration with some of the major players in affiliated sectors, like Adobe Systems Inc. and Samsung Mobile. It was the first time in India that applications such as SIP telephony, Video-Door-Phone and Access Control Solutions were being integrated over FTTH. Communo was installed successfully for the first time at Hiranandani Upscale in Chennai.

Soon, Claypot’s expertise to bring all communications, entertainment and security services on a single telecommunications backhaul led to a technology and acquisition partnership with Bharti Airtel.

Right now, we are deeply committed to building a fibre-connected world as we plan, design, engineer, construct, install and manage fibre optic networks across the country, orchestrating seamless infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Communities.

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