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MX 500
MX500 is an intelligent IP public address and intercom server based on open SIP standards. By utilizing IP networks, the MX500 provides a flexible solution that can address many application requirements across various industries and areas. Features such as scheduled zone PA, live announcements, emergency a lert, emergency calling, emergency intercom and dual c hannel HD background music are all available within the server when combined with the SIP paging gateways.
  • Dual channel HD BGM
    By utilizing multicast techn ology, the MX500 can broadcast audio streams to the SIP paging gateways for local decoding and playback . This guarantees the HD stereophonic effect of background music.
  • Scheduled Zone specific PA
    Timetables allows public addresses to be scheduled quickly and easily across days and weeks and then assigned to specific PA zones for scheduled announcements, bells, background music, etc.
  • Emergency Alert
    In cases where, for example, fire or intruders trespassing are detected by sensors from the paging gateway GPIO, emergency alerts can be auto triggered by MX500 to specific PA zones for public safety and security purpose.
  • Paging Gateway Provisioning
    MX500 has the ability to auto discover and auto provision the paging gat eways in the same LAN. P rovisioning can be undertaken according to different usage configurations (paging or intercom purpose) of the paging gateways.
The X20 is an innovative SIP PA endpoint device developed by ZYCOO’s European team. It converts voice streams from a SIP paging or IPPBX system to analogue sounds, suitable for background music, public address, intercom, etc. The X20 is based on open SIP standards, making it work seamlessly with ZYCOO Paging and Intercom system. And importantly, the X20 can also be deployed with most third party SIP PA and IPPBX systems which support SIP Protocol.
  • Powerful Amplifier
    Built-in amplifier rated at 2x10W dual-channel output, no external amplifier required.
  • Peripheral Support
    X20 can be connected with various peripherals, such as smoke sensors, infrared sensors, door magnet, sound and light alarm for public safety and security purpose.
  • Simple Installation and Configuration
    Combined with MX500 SIP paging and intercom system, X20 can be auto detected within LAN. Register number and intercom number can be distributed centrally from MX500 Web interface.
  • Multicast Support
    Background music is streamed to X20 for local decoding and playback. Dual-channel high definition audio quality is guaranteed.
  • Intercom Calling
    X20 supports up to 2 programmable buttons which can be used as “Press-to-Talk” keys, and therefore with an external speaker and microphone it can undertake intercom calls.
  • Compatible with Third Party Systems
    If you have an existing IP PBX system then you may easily integrate X20 PA gateways into your phone system just like a standard IP phone.
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